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Sign-ups are now open for Tagora’s Spring Impro Workshop Series and Showcase

We are offering four weeks of drop-in long-form impro workshops, taught by Nikki Lynn Michaelson, followed by an invited showcase.

Did you ever do impro (or improv, it means the same thing) in an acting class and absolutely love how much fun it was? For a lot of us in the impro scene, impro gives us all that joy of acting without having to memorize lines. In long-form, as opposed to short-form or theater sports, you get to perform a play, start to finish, but with no script. Sounds impossible? To start, you need the basics: one of which is ‘yes, and…’ meaning you play together in agreement and support of each other’s ideas while making up silly characters in various situations. Next, you need a form, or a plan to proceed through the scenes (like narrative, or montage). There you have it: a play that has never been seen before and will never be seen again!

In this four-week workshop run you can take your next step into impro, whether it is your first class or your tenth year. All levels are welcome. They are drop-in style, meaning you can sign up for whichever one or ones you would like. We will practice the basics of impro with a varying mix of games and exercises at each session. The agenda will be

  1. energizing warm-ups,
  2. two-person scenes, and
  3. practicing a long-form, where the ensemble will play as a group with the guidance of your kindly host, Nikki.

And then, we have a performance opportunity for you. We will have five rehearsals and an invited showcase over the course of which we will take a deep-dive into the Harold form. (There is a great image in this link where they describe the Harold with some funny examples.) The invited showcase will be held for two nights, and the audience are to be friends and family. Low-key + intimate audience = awesome first impro show.

The skills taught in improvisation are skills you can take into other parts of your life. You do not need an acting background to participate. It’s about being in the moment and playing. Check out the details and sign up below.



Workshop dates: March 23, March 30, April 6, April 13 2023
Time: 18:00–20:00


Tagora rehearsal room at the Council of Europe


Your teacher: Nikki

Reminder: school holidays in Alsace from April 15 to May 2

Invited showcase


May 4, May 11 (Ascension long weekend), May 25, June 8, final rehearsal TBD
Time: 18:00–20:00
Location: Tagora rehearsal room at the Council of Europe
Director: Nikki


Dates TBD (three consecutive days around June 12–17)
Schedule: final rehearsal, show day (1), show day (2)
Time: 18:00–20:00 (18:00 call time/19:00 show start)
Length of show: 50 minutes
Location: TBD

Sold on the idea? Sign up here!
Still have questions? Contact Nikki.

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