Live theatre, in English, in Strasbourg

Tagora is looking for actors for Orpheus, a short play to be performed at L’Espace K during the Théâtralis festival (27 October 2023), and a second time at the Cube noir around 11 November.

The play, directed by Christelle Colson, lasts for around 15 minutes. It tells the story of Orpheus, who loses his wife Eurydice on the day of their wedding. He then goes to the Underworld to beg Hades to free her from death.

Auditions will be held on Sunday 14 May at 10:00. They are open to everyone, even those who have never acted before. If you have always wished to try acting, but are not sure about speaking on stage, this play is for you. There is one speaking part and six non-speaking rles, as follows:

  • Narrator: [speaking role] You tell the story that the other actors depict on stage. If you have a good voice, this part is for you.
  • Orpheus: the rock star of his day. A perfect singer and a passionate lover.
  • Eurydice: a woman so lovely that her husband would go to Hell to save her.
  • Hades, the God of Hell: a commanding presence, who allows himself to be swayed by Orpheus’ beautiful music.
  • Three admirers/wedding guests/spirits: From supportive to scary, your job is to embody the mood of each scene. If you are versatile, those parts are for you.

If you are interested, please contact Tagora. Can’t make it to the audition? Please contact us anyway and we’ll arrange a meeting at a more convenient time and place.

Artwork: Callum McKenna

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