Live theatre, in English, in Strasbourg

Come to our impro show in English at the Cube Noir on 13 and 14 June!

Address: Cube Noir, CREPS, 4 allée du Sommerhof, 67200 Strasbourg

Longform is an Art, and the idea that 10 people would DARE to take a stage without knowing what was going to happen is both audacious and thrilling.

iOTheater, Chicago

Join us for our inaugural foray into the world of longform improvisation! Lead by director Nikki Lynn Michaelson, Tagora is taking on a style of improv known as the Harold, a not-so-fancy way of saying we’ll create a play, start to finish, in real time before your very eyes.

Maybe you’ve seen short-form improvisation, where two teams “battle it out” for audience approval. That’s a fine way of doing things, but we’re after something a bit different. From a single audience suggestion we tease out different ideas and spontaneously perform scenes and games to explore themes and ultimately make connections that bring the show to a climactic conclusion. As you see, the players are not in competition with each other, but are free to co-create a show that offers something more mindful and fascinating.

Come and meet the team around a drink at 18:30.  Show begins at 19:00 and is expected to last one hour.

Entrance: Free of charge with reservation.

Please book your ticket on-line at Ticket Office. You can also reserve by phone at 06 71 70 44 77 (voice mail only) or by EMail at

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