Live theatre, in English, in Strasbourg

Improv workshops, led by Nikki Lynn Michaelson, are returning to Tagora.

These workshops will be held every Tuesday in the rehearsal room at the Council of Europe, from 6pm to 8pm, in accordance with the school calendar. These two-hour sessions will be comprised of theater games and longform improvised scenes in pairs and in groups. Longform, as opposed to shortform, draws inspiration in a certain given way (narrative, free-form, etc.) without pre-planning, gimmicks or silly parameters. The emphasis is on spontaneously creating in collaboration with your partner/s.

Everyone is welcome regardless of experience level. Actors will enjoy playing characters: exploring voice, body, status and relationship; creating environment (making up a specific world or “just” a living room); and discovering dramatic or comedic moments… moment to moment. But it’s not just for actors! Everyone can benefit from practicing improv. It’s a wonderful chance to practice listening and responding, keeping things simple and working out your mental agility and flexibility. Besides, it’s downright fun, and you don’t have to “be funny.”

To join please email Nikki. Badgeholders of the CoE need only give a heads up as soon as you know you plan to be there. Non-badgeholders will need to be added to the security list, which will be updated monthly. Those who plan to attend regularly will be asked to join the Amicale of the Council of Europe.

Next sessions will be February 6, 13, and 20. After Winter Break we’ll take it back up March 12 and so on.

I look forward to being your humble improv host! ~Nikki Lynn Michaelson

Photo credit: David Michel Muller

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