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This November, Tagora will bring to life a gripping production of Martin McDonagh’s acclaimed play, The Pillowman, at the Théâtre du Cube nOir. As we gear up for this enthralling staging, we’re calling on actors in the local community to be a part of our cast. Auditions will be scheduled for the end of May, and we invite you to register your interest at

About the play

The Pillowman is a dark, intense drama combining sharp humour and thrilling narrative. Set in a totalitarian state, the story revolves around Katurian, a writer whose stories eerily mirror gruesome child murders happening in his town. As the plot unfolds, McDonagh challenges the audience with profound moral questions and a darkly twisting narrative, making it a masterpiece that has captivated audiences globally.

Why audition for The Pillowman?

This is your chance to engage with a play that has won numerous accolades and has been performed across major global stages. Martin McDonagh, the Oscar-winning writer and director of Hollywood blockbusters such as The Banshees of Inisherin, Seven Psychopaths and In Bruges, is renowned for his sharp dialogue and unforgettable storytelling. His works have entertained and sparked conversations worldwide, earning him a reputation as one of our time’s most brilliant playwrights and filmmakers.

Who are we looking for?

We are seeking a small group of talented and committed actors who can bring the complex characters to life. Whether seasoned in the dramatic arts or new to the stage, we welcome your passion and commitment to creating powerful, thought-provoking theatre.

Despite being all-male character in its original conception, in our production all roles are open to actors of any gender, as our casting decisions will focus on finding the most suitable candidates to bring each character to life.

Character overview

Katurian: A writer with a passion for storytelling, Katurian finds themself in a harrowing situation when his fictional tales are linked to real-life crimes. The role demands depth and complexity, as it navigates through layers of emotion and a dark narrative.

Michal: Katurian’s sibling, who is simpler and more innocent than his worldly brother/sister. Despite his childlike demeanour, Michal harbours secrets that are pivotal to the unfolding story. This role requires an actor who can portray vulnerability and a surprising intensity.

Tupolski: The lead detective, cunning and oddly humorous. Tupolski is a pivotal character that delivers much of the play’s dark humour while maintaining a menacing presence. The actor must balance the fine line between comedy and threat effectively.

Ariel: A hot-tempered detective, who plays the “bad cop” to Tupolski’s “good cop.” This character requires a strong, dynamic presence, and the ability to display sudden shifts in mood and empathy.

In addition to these four main characters, there are a two minor roles that also play crucial parts in the narrative as a mother and father.

We are looking for actors who can bring originality and authenticity to these performances, helping to shape a unique and memorable rendition of The Pillowman.

We encourage actors of all backgrounds and experiences to audition, bringing their unique interpretations to these roles. This production is a chance to engage deeply with McDonagh’s dark, intriguing world, and we’re committed to casting that reflects the best talent available, beyond traditional gender roles.

How to get involved

To apply for an audition, please register your interest at We will then be able to contact you within the next couple of weeks about audition dates, where we will ask you to perform two short monologues; one from the play and another monologue of your choosing from any production.

Seize the chance to star in this electrifying production, which promises to be a true theatrical challenge that will engage both actors and audiences alike!

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