Live theatre, in English, in Strasbourg

And we start with a play to suit the season, “A Christmas Carol”.

Now that our autumn production is over, Tagora plans to hold a new series of online play readings. The provisional programme is as follows (as previously, all dates are Sundays, starting at 11 am):

  • 18 December 2022: A Christmas Carol, adaptation by Mike Ferrians and Brenda Chapman, led by David Adamson


  • 23 January (and 30 January if necessary): A Day in the Death of Joe Egg, by Peter Nichols, led by Julia Whitham
  • 20 February (and 27 February if necessary): still to be announced
  • 20 March (and 27 March if necessary): still to be announced
  • 17 April (and 24 April if necessary): still to be announced

As was the case last year, two days have been set aside for longer plays. Shorter works may be accommodated in one session.

If you have ideas about possible readings, please let us know. We can offer full technical support, including script distribution, casting and help with presentation. We would prefer proposers to lead the actual reading, though this is not essential. Don’t be shy. Please come forward.

It would also be useful to have some idea of the interest in December’s A Christmas Carol. Could you let us know (reply to if you might want to be involved (this doesn’t commit you).

Hope to hear from and see you in the near future.

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