Live theatre, in English, in Strasbourg

FEATS 2023 takes place in Bad Homburg from 26 to 29 May 2023

The organising group, Frankfurt English Speaking Theatre, is asking for help to ensure it takes place. How can you contribute? Well, either by volunteering to join the team or by supporting its crowd-funding initiative.

Here’s what the group has to say.

Volunteers needed

If you are attending FEATS this year, either as an audience member or a participating group, please consider volunteering on the Festival team during any of your free time.  If you are not participating, and haven’t yet considered attending, perhaps an opportunity to volunteer would inspire you to join us?

Some specific roles we need to fill:

  •  stage hands (non-participating groups) – time keepers on certain days, group liaisons
  •  Front of House team – helping to sell programs and tickets, general information point of contacts
  •  Green room coordinators – helping to direct groups in and out of rehearsals, keep the Green room refreshments going

If you would like to help out, in these or any other roles, just send us a note and your availability and we’ll contact you with more details!

Financial support request

As we continue preparations to open the Festival in May 2023 in Bad Homburg, Germany, we are experiencing some difficult financial challenges.  As you can imagine, costs in every category have risen over the last year or two.  We want to offer the best possible Festival conditions, including additional stage lighting, fringe venue, required theatre staff and more.

If you are not able to attend FEATS this year, perhaps you would consider a donation to ensure the Festival can meet its financial obligations and offer the community a wonderful festival?

We’ve opened a “Crowd Funding” site (GoFundMe) in order to collect donations from festival supporters in all corners of Europe.  We would greatly appreciate contributions of any amount, and your contributions will go directly towards ensuring the Festival is a great event for everyone!  Please see link below, and please forward to friends and family:

Donations to support FEATS 2023

Thanks for helping us make FEATS 2023 a success for everyone!

FEATS 2023 Organizing Committee

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