Live theatre, in English, in Strasbourg

All right, so it’s not exactly a long tour: only one stop if truth be told. But it is in Antwerp, a great place to visit; it’s for FEATS; and, for the first time, Tagora is proposing both an entry in the main festival and a contribution to the FEATS fringe.

The Festival of European Anglophone Theatrical Societies (FEATS) takes place once a year in one of a number of host cities in western Europe.

The main festival is competitive. Twelve short plays are performed over four nights, under the eagle eye of an Adjudicator. He or she is responsible for giving a summing-up at the end of each evening and for allocating points for different aspects of acting and stagecraft which will determine who gets to take home the trophies that are awarded after the last performance.

The fringe takes place in the afternoons, usually in a smaller venue. It’s less formal, and can encompass a wider variety of theatre-related activities, including not only short pieces but also workshops, musical productions, stand-up comedy, and so on.

The 2024 festival will be held at the Zuiderpershuis in Antwerp from 17 to 20 May (Whit weekend).

Tagora proposes:

  • In the main  festival: The Poorly-Written Play Festival by Carolyn Gage, to be directed by David Crowe.
  • In the fringe: an an improv show directed by Nikki Lynn Michaelson.

Interested in one or both of these? Sign up by filling in the form on the Tagora website. (No commitment at this stage!)


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