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When does Tagora hold its auditions?

The easy answer to the question is “three or four months before performance”.

We have a flexible calendar, due largely to the way our main performance venue is organised. We have the use of the Cube noir theatre in Koenigshoffen. It is administered by the Collectif Trois 14, which has the responsibility of ensuring a programme throughout the season (September to June).

At about the beginning of the year in question (i.e. January 2024 for the season September 2024–June 2025) we are requested to submit proposals for what we would like to produce. So we normally know by about March each year what slot we have. And auditions, rehearsals, etc., depend on the timing of this performance slot.

There is another, more regular, date in our calendar, which is late spring each year. We are affiliated to the FEATS festival, which takes place each year in a different European city. Entry is by a rota system, so we don’t take part every year. We occasionally stage other productions outside these (broadly speaking) regular ones.

But although we have lots of creativity and ideas, very often it is the availability of a venue that determines our programme. Keep an eye on the website for forthcoming calls for audition.

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